June 19, 2018 Updates 0

It is critical that club members step up and participate on the GCI board of directors.   Ending this year on the board are Graham (president), Lynn (website), Kellie L (secretary), Judy B, Richard A, Jennifer, Joel, (treasurer and VP), and Graham (President).  Continuing their two year term are Kelly B, Judy J, Billy , Caitlyn, Erik and Jane.

Trainers, please encourage your riders to accept nominations to ensure representation of all positions and opinions in the club.  We are seeking alternative methods for meeting attendance in order to meet board requirements and eliminate distances needed to travel, and number of actual meeting you must physically attend – using virtual or voice conference.

Without adequate board members, GCI is at risk of being dismantled.  Please submit nominations for yourself and others.

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted nominations, and thank you to everyone who will submit more. The larger the board, the easier it is to plan and execute great shows for everyone to enjoy.


GCI Board